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black and white exit signage on roadside

Easter 2024

I heard the semis on the turnpike off and on through the night hum like angels humming the blues of […]

coffee mug surrounded with coffee beans

Palm Sunday

I see no master with a band of disciples approaching Rochester Mills on this Palm Sunday. Hear no trilling of […]

baked cookies


I buy Fig Newtons occasionally. They  are a communion with that time when Mrs. Heinz  would give them to me […]

flock of birds flying above sky during dusk


It is Sunday and I feel the futility of prayer in the air and the urge to pray as if […]

asphalt road pathway scenery

Road Closed

I kept the radio on a sports talk station because I did not want to hear the conversations the drive […]

silhouette of tree digital wallpaper

Nearly Gone

The trees in my yard have a clarity foregrounded against the thinning fog.  The winter grass looks ready for spring.  […]

people dancing

Just Sayin’

It may be the blood of the lamb washes away sins but I’ve heard too many testimonies where the details […]

trees in the forest

Near The Time

It is early evening. The sun has reversed its rays from the west to east side of the landscape. The […]

golden hour photo

I Would I Could Speak

I would speak the way first  light does in the gradual sighs of the sun’s slow, heavy breathing as it […]

time lapse photo of river

Oil Region

I had family in Oil City,  a fishing camp outside of Titusville.   The memories of driving from West Virginia,  later from […]