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time lapse photo of river

Oil Region

I had family in Oil City,  a fishing camp outside of Titusville.   The memories of driving from West Virginia,  later from […]

crossing crossroad street

Morning Blues

“And on the eighth day, God created the blues.” I wake with the sense I missed the crossroads. The intersection […]

black wooden fence on snow field at a distance of black bare trees

Fresh Snow

. . . after a few days, the fresh snow is not so fresh. Melting at edges where you’d think […]

black bird flying over leafless tree

Winter Entering Time

I cannot yet see the trunks of trees in this predawn. I know they are there in my front yard, on […]

orange star bokeh light

Dickens Got It Right

Christmas is a spirit-filled time of year.  If we only dream but once a year, this is the time of […]

psyche revived by cupids kiss in louvre

That Last Arrow

I am going back in memory and, therefore, time to the first inklings of love at church camp in Summersville, […]

top view photo of curved road surrounded by trees

The Last Tight Curve

I am exploring time as if I don’t  know what it is and I don’t. I am trying to make […]

full moon on a daybreak

That Fullness

“We – suddenly, like sometimes the moon, are full” because we know the promise of fallen leaves, the winter grass […]

frost trees


I am under the shadow of death. The shadow my friend has cast by his own death too soon visited […]