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scenic view of flower field during daytime

Beyond Duration

I am 71, find I think more about time than I talk about it.  Think only in the spiritual realm […]

figure on a doorway covered in translucent plastic


He was standing at the end of my bed on my left side in that tan shirt, brown  pants, brown […]

people leaving at the end of a group therapy

Leaving and Arriving

I am leaving in the dream and I don’t know where I’m leaving from or going to when I hear, […]

road through the forest completely tunneled by tree branches

Branched Tunnels

More and more I am drawn  to roads where trees form a tunnel of branches, the sun refracted in its […]

shaggy wild black bear walking in summer forest

Dancing Bear

I feel like a bear waking to no breeze, hearing  birds, looking to the sky with sleep-and-dream filled eyes and […]

time lapse photography of falling red apple


She eats the apple slicethe way I imagine Evetaking that first forever bite, juice running downher chin never to be wipedaway.It […]

laundry hanging above chairs on beach shore

Take Me

I woke feeling I was in Van Morrison’s song, Take Me Back.  I woke from dreams of Mom doing our laundry […]



The body is the Judas in our lives.At some point,  we are forced to seekresurrections never thought of.At some point, […]

asphalt road pathway scenery

Road Trip

You get on a road and it means two things —you are leaving one place, going to another and there are others […]

rain droplets on glass

Just Looking

outside at camp intothe gray sky, the shadesof green the trees nuanceto blend in, fit with everything I see, the rain […]