silhouette of person sitting beside body of water

W.W. Hoot

Byron Hoot W.W. Hoot b. May 16, 1913 d. November 9, 1990 Break not this heart tomorrow, the day of […]

green pine branch in selective focus photography


Implications Byron Hoot More rain, more wind, colder, more leaves have fallen, more light now though the trees less shadowed. […]

asphalt road between trees

Back Roads

Back Roads Byron Hoot I wish the past was like the cars and trucks I see in my rearview calculating […]

brown leaf

I Take Note

I Take Note Byron Hoot Now, there is gold on the ground, the curled, foiled beauty of shapes no hand […]

white apple iphone on wooden table

The Message

The Message Byron Hoot The phone message began with my first name so I knew it was a stranger. I […]

blue and white planet display


Communion Byron Hoot I have excommunicated myself from the bullshit of the world, become a heretic of the edge, an […]

graceful ballerina dancing in house with shadow on floor


Whisper Byron Hoot I have often talked myself out of the moment I have wanted to be in losing time […]

green tall trees with view of mountain and sun peeking through

That Promise

That Promise Byron Hoot In the light of what may come dawn arrives in its sliver separating day from night. […]

blue and white boat on body of water

A Simple Man’s Creed

A Simple Man’s Creed Byron Hoot Wake not to thoughts already formed; beware the thinking of yesterday as sufficient for […]


Brother Byron Hoot I hear a crow, think, “Carrion.” Have to reconsider that which feeds is not always from a […]