The edge began crossing outside the window and then the whole body of the flight of hundreds, maybe a thousand […]


Equanimity Byron Hoot The sunlight is silver, the clouds a light lavender between the gray and white, above the yet […]

person holding a chalk in front of the chalk board

Ultimate Math

I am doing the math never taught – the mathematics of time. I am not good at the addition or […]

books on wooden shelves inside library

Library Hours

Library Hours Byron Hoot In the marginalia of my life I have written notes I swore not to forget and […]

selective focus photography gray analog clock on black surface


That Byron Hoot In the subtle absence of one moment passing into another we try to linger for what the […]

person holding water in cupped hands

W.W. Hoot

W.W. Hoot b. May 16, 1913 d. November 9, 1990 Byron Hoot Break not this heart tomorrow, the day of […]

In That Moment. . .

In That Moment. . . (by Byron Hoot) . . . the two deer were in the tall grass on […]



Traveling Byron Hoot It is the right kind of day for travelling alone – overcast, windblown, chilly. Maybe the radio […]

close up photo of snow falling on tree branches

That Day in November

That Day in November Byron Hoot It is a November day of gray ambience, a slow sip of alcohol lasting […]

grandfather and grandson sitting in a forest and drinking from the tin cups


Vows Byron Hoot I have broken my vow a few times today, the one living alone gives, the vow of […]