top view photo of curved road surrounded by trees

The Last Tight Curve

I am exploring time as if I don’t  know what it is and I don’t. I am trying to make […]

full moon on a daybreak

That Fullness

“We – suddenly, like sometimes the moon, are full” because we know the promise of fallen leaves, the winter grass […]

frost trees


I am under the shadow of death. The shadow my friend has cast by his own death too soon visited […]

brown and black abstract painting

Not Like Any Other

It is Sunday morning.  I am driving from The Laurel Highlands through Ligonier through Derry through Blairsville past Homer City […]

silhouette of trees at night

Once Again

The rain and wind have visited the trees once too often — the branches nearly bare. The ground covered in […]

rain droplets on glass


This late October rain and mist and fallen  leaves like the grains of sand on a beach is prelude to […]

hands of crop faceless man under water


Sometimes I feel the streams of memory overflowing the banks of any containment I have erected to keep past dreams […]

doe walking near path in forest

The Wait

When hunting, I think about the natureof waiting, how much of my lifeis taken by it. How here in the […]

roadway during golden hour

The Return

The mists rose from patches of pines like prayer incense rising, disappearing     as words thinned and the burden of the […]

blue and brown backpack on the ground

The Affect

There is a destination to arrive at on Thursday and that affects what I will do today. The argument could […]