mirror covering person face

History Accessible

I have stood in front of mirrors  enough to make a history. To know who I see is not  who […]

monochrome photography of bare tree

The Sermon of the Trees

Sometimes I hear the trees talking about that first tree of knowledge, the natural fruit it bore, that it’s not […]

close up shot of a crate on a bicycle

Freud on Freud

“Sigmund, when did you first know you wanted to kill your father  and take your mother as your lover? Try […]

light nature water summer


I had some night crawlersto use up, a beer to drink.I got to the lake at early dusk,the sun just below […]

corn fields under white clouds with blue sky during daytime

Returning Home

Cool air, sky blue and white clouds, a hint of gray on their undersides. I have returned to grass to […]

brown and black animal shape artwork painting

Sometime True

I see one sparkle of dew on the grass to greet me.  Some say a sign of rain when no […]

workplace with opened notebook and pen placed on table

The Only One

There are many things I would have preferred differently.  A lifelong marriage, happy endings to stories that could not end […]

light italian landscape nature

To Life

I have now lived nearly seven years alone– except for two covid years my youngest son lived with me– in […]

grayscale photography of rainy weather

See You Tomorrow

The body ages and my hope is  so the heart and soul ferment  existence into an elixir only ageing can […]