Observations from Detached Retina Eyes are primarily poems of the road.  I have, for some time, kept a notebook in my vehicle a firm believer that if something comes best catch it because chances are it won’t come again.

Add to that the nature of seeing while one is driving and shortness and brevity become key components in capturing the literally fleeting image and feeling and language at 35, 45, 55, 65, 70 miles an hour.

And something like these short, pithy poems come about.

Images and metaphors, the feelings and understanding given by them, need — are best born from — the world of eye and ear, the world of facts as we understand facts to be.

Poetry is where it is found.  And while I can’t speak with authority about inspiration, I know what I see and often surmise that vision in language.  The thing itself is always greater than the thing itself; hence, these momentary flashes of poetry.

I hope these make you smile, laugh, feel, think, and act.  How they may do this is beyond me; that you do them is my hope.

Take a look, pay attention.  There’s poetry everywhere.