laundry hanging above chairs on beach shore

Take Me

I woke feeling I was in Van Morrison’s song, Take Me Back.  I woke from dreams of Mom doing our laundry […]



The body is the Judas in our lives.At some point,  we are forced to seekresurrections never thought of.At some point, […]

asphalt road pathway scenery

Road Trip

You get on a road and it means two things —you are leaving one place, going to another and there are others […]

rain droplets on glass

Just Looking

outside at camp intothe gray sky, the shadesof green the trees nuanceto blend in, fit with everything I see, the rain […]

black wooden door frame

Nearing Seventy-One

I am arriving where I can say, “I see some sense to my life.”  The past  making sense in ways […]

shallow focus of fishing rod

One Of Those Days

The lake was calm and the blue sky and slight breeze created a time of perfection where everything fits together […]

a black camera and leather case over a world map


The drive back felt long, as if the hour and forty  minutes had multiplied, the miles adding to themselves as […]

shallow focus of clear hourglass


Of the places I have been one teased a destination for my heart and soul. It was not a place, […]

selective focus photography of woman lying on flowers


I am reconsidering the story of my aunt born thirteen years after my mom. She was a lovechild, my gram […]

equations written on blackboard

The Calculus of Now

In the calculus of now, nothing can  be learned, no process to create        a model of some A plus […]