silhouette and grayscale photography of man standing under the rain
Pass the Offering Plate to Yourself

The metaphysics of the Divine
are taught in a sanctuary
to a congregation of one.

How brilliant the shepherd, poet,
warrior, king, lover David
to imagine an ark

that could be carried 
by priest and in each heart.
No wonder he danced in Dervish

ecstasy before the Lord naked
as the robes of  the people
fell like rain as they joined in.

Those who couldn't became
Pharisees and Scribes
and are among us still;

the distinction always
between the Living Word
and words written in stone

by the Divine whose acts
of indulgences towards
humankind is a history

of koans and soft laughter
at the logic of the mind
trying to understand the heart

of  the Divine.  Excuse me.

worship is about
to begin any time.  

remember this day.