forested hill slope during severe snowfall
forested hill slope during severe snowfall
Photo by Maria Orlova on

I will be watching the sun melt the snow.

Some may think there’s more important

things to do but I’ve been watching Nature

a long time directly and at a glance

and the way she speaks is something

to listen to. The west hillsides will be

the first to melt. There will be

ditches where the sun doesn’t reach,

the backside of trees where snow clings

to the bark, where the heat and light

can’t reach until the sun slips the mid-point

of the sky. Eventually, the sun melts the snow,

what was covered is revealed, what is hardy

survives winter, that resurrection force that flows

through everything green, all water, all creatures

great and small, you and me.

I’ll watch the snow melt today; those who

understand, understand. Those who don’t

can’t dance to those resurrection blues

that need something buried to rise again.