scenic view of flower field during daytime

I am 71, find I think more about time

than I talk about it.  Think only in the spiritual

realm is “in my end is my beginning” true.

Know you and I have the double-edged

sword of flesh and blood, heart and soul,

that grace of imagination.  “Consider the lilies

of the field, how they grow. . . Even Solomon 

in all his glory was not arrayed like one

of these.”  I feel the stick of a Zen master

across my heart and soul and mind.

Consider the nature of time as I know it –

sunrise to sunset, moonrise to moonset.

Waking, dreaming.  Think 10, 15 years then

think again – a year has no meaning, 

only what can be held, given away,

all and everything beyond duration 

except for remembering.