Leaves are losing their exuberance

of green, some trees have given

over to the fall colors, the curling

of their leaves. All except the pines 

are a duller green, the leaves

thinning, more light, more shadows

and the allies of shorter days and longer

nights has struck the chords of melancholy

in this gloaming time of the year,

the sweet sorrow of no longer holding 

what was once held, seen, heard, felt

and memories turning into new dreams

like that water into wine at the wedding 

feast which is what time is and the surprise

the best wine is served last,  So the light

is moving with time and desire, the seductive

right temptation one more time, the sigh

of surrender as one season ends and another 

through the opening of leaves letting light in.

hootism:  in the pursuit of gain, we don’t discuss what is being lost.  this is how something becomes nothing.