blue and brown backpack on the ground

There is a destination to arrive at on Thursday

and that affects what I will do today.

The argument could be made there’s always

a destination affecting today.

And that would be true, perhaps even right

the way a stride demands two steps 

going in the same direction.  The car is clean,

filled up with gas.  The packing waiting 

for me and the list in my mind to be checked off

when I put the duffel bag in the car.

I’m thinking about what time to leave,

how far I want to drive, the finishing off

of the trip after a night in some motel

with no reservation made.  I have not been

where I’m going for a long time; there are 

few returns I make – today turning into                                                   

tomorrow enough of a return for me.

I am almost ready to leave.

Hootism:  if you don’t write from the heart and soul, the mind can’t make up the difference.