brown and black animal shape artwork painting

I see one sparkle of dew on the grass

to greet me.  Some say a sign of rain

when no dew shows in the morning.

Yesterday, I was greeted by my trash

scattered in my yard, bags ripped

by a bear who turned my garbage can

over.  What is the adage for that?

A roaming bear visits to leave its 

roaming spirit.  Beware?

An adage is reverse language 

engineering, not necessarily 

created from conclusive facts

but enough similar occurrences

to generate some logic to fit 

a pithy saying to sounding as 

if spoken by one with authority 

the empty echo not recognized.

The single blade of grass still 

holds the dew drop.  There is

no garbage in the yard

though I can’t deny the echo

of a growl I think is mine.

Hootism:  the more advanced we become the more primitive our feelings.  What is progress that does not touch the heart?