flock of birds flying above the mountain during sunset

North of Dawn

The cloud to the north of the sun is a color no name can name. I refrain from the blasphemy  […]

brown wooden church bench near white painted wall

The Janitor

“a caretaker of a building” I never cleaned a church. There was always a janitor, some parishioner who took care […]

low angle shot photography of green trees

That Tree

“I love that tree, ” he said. You have to know a stretch  of woods to say that.  Have to […]

silhouette of person against sunset sky


Like some monk, I pull the hood over my head, the top of it above my eyes obscuring and focusing […]

These twin 'Christmas Trees' were

Damn Near A Twin

I almost said, “My body has betrayed me.” This disease I never thought of possessing me. I hesitate such an […]


It is hard to recognize who is looking  back at me when I stand before  a mirror.  The body distorts […]

forested hill slope during severe snowfall


I will be watching the sun melt the snow. Some may think there’s more important things to do but I’ve […]


I wonder how the gravestones  have worn in that cemetery in Rising Son, behind  The Church of the Brethren. Mom […]


The edge began crossing outside the window and then the whole body of the flight of hundreds, maybe a thousand […]