brown wooden harp on garden

Grendel Upon Hrothgar

I have heard you play the harp  and sing when the spirit of the Shaper has entered you and know […]

fog among trees in forest


I opened my eyes and saw first light and closed my eyes  wanting a dream to take me  into the […]

anonymous person kicking sun under sunset sky


“You are about to do something wonderful” is the unspoken gospel everyone knows.  Not something  big, outlandish, a big production  […]


Fare Thee Well

Leaves are losing their exuberance of green, some trees have given over to the fall colors, the curling of their […]

empty gray pavement

A Tale

It’s 9:30.  My car and another in the parking lot.  Someone  with a cell phone on, that light not reaching […]

wood landscape nature forest

Impossible The Debt Bestowed

It is the gloaming in steady rain striking the windshield, windows, that metallic sound of rain hitting the car’s roof, […]

woman with a plastic bag on her head screaming

That Echo

I am listening so I know where to look when I hear that seductive language  of surrendering in victory of […]

close up shot of a vintage car s dashboard

Twelve Miles and a Lifetime

I was in Franklin.  The last landmark before Oil City where my grandparents and Aunt Fern and Uncle Ted lived. […]

light bulb beside books on shelf

That Prayer

Even as I clear my bookshelves, I have ordered a book or two. This love of words ordered to create […]