Monster in the Kingdom

Monster in the Kingdom: Fragments from the Grendel Manuscript is my interpretation of  Beowulf and John Gardner’s Grendel.  Fragments because this selection of poems represent a fraction of the Grendel poems which have come to me over 40 years of writing them.

Grendel and Hrothgar are brothers, twins actually.  

Monster and king more closely related than many are willing to acknowledge.  A point Grendel, if not Hrothgar, is well aware of.

And Grendel is the one who tells the story.  Although there are scattered poems by Beowulf, Wealtheow, Hrothgar, and Unferth.  

Because, as an outlaw, outcast he sees what those inside the kingdom cannot.

As has always been the case.

These poems have a certain energy.  Maybe it’s because Grendel is writing them.