Such Beautiful Sense

Such Beautiful Sense is a collection of poems written from the same perspective.  My kitchen table and the glass door facing east I sit at every morning writing and drinking coffee.

It is something I believe: the momentary being looked into, the moment slowed to observations where feelings and words can often find each other.  Where beauty not ordered by my mind or your mind pervades time and space.  And always will.

A sacred place, a holy space.  And the grace that paying attention to and from the same location day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year gives.  

To look into Nature, Beauty, Love, Art cannot be done in a nanosecond or stored in megabytes: the fullness of time and the richness of the heart are beyond measure.

So these poems have come out of my daily practice.  

I continue to look out to the east from my kitchen table in the morning.  Why would I not?

I hope these poems give some of that to you.