Livin' the Life

I got them blues called Life
clawing' at me again,
moanin' the Siren song
that  Joy and Sorrow last
too short or too long
                               and that I'd better
put on my dancin' shoes
and learn the slow, rhythmic
dance of lingerin'
                          swayin' in the minor key
of agony, that double-key
of good and bad dependent upon
the agony of satisfaction and sufferin'.
I think I'm finally learnin'
the song and dance;
                                the hummin' I can't
get out of my heart and soul,
the dance steps and sway and light
touch leadin' and followin'
with me night and day.
Those blues called Life,
my final will and testament.

2 Thoughts on “Livin’ the Life”

  • The pairing of this poem and photo is so intriguing. The poem is written from the wisdom of age and the photo is so full of youth. The one beautifully amplified the other.

  • I agree with Ms. Thrushart. The poem’s energy comes from its juxtapositions, which has long been the source of power for the blues. Langston Hughes would appreciate this one.

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