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About Christine Holt: 

I am a divorced mother of two that had a severe head trauma injury due to a fall from a horse 5 years ago.

Shortly after the accident – poetry came. The words would just come and I went with it, not understanding how this bump on my head started this? I would be driving to work and they had to be put on paper as soon as I got to my desk.

The accident, kids, divorce, life after divorce and an elderly parent’s health decline. Needless to say, life was giving me the material to work with!

Mary’s Eyes
— Christine Holt
Her eyes are clear
As they age
Their clearness
Invited me
I wanted to
See what they have 
Seen in 94 years
Her mother,
Father, siblings
In the tar paper shack
They called home
Her father’s desk 
in the attic 
Where she watched him
Pen the paperwork
My father’s
Handsome face,
Full of surprise
In front of the tire store
As he is set up by
Mary’s boss
To take her 
To dinner then home
Her first born,
Trying to understand
Why he would not
Utter his first words
The war,
The depression,
The rations of food and gas
Young men leaving home
And some blessed to return
Days that we would
Never understand now
Her eyes are so clear
Even as age has started
To cloud her mind
A long sentence
Will get lost in those eyes
“Keep them short,”
I remind myself.

One Thought on “Visiting Poet: Christine Holt, “Mary’s Eyes””

  • I love how the poem moves with short vivid glimpses of time & life as perceived from an old woman’s imagined eyes in another, younger woman’s sympathetic eyes. Good poem.

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