two people on mountain cliff
Before I Can’t
Byron Hoot

The present has reduced its activities
I am to take care of; curious the sliding
scale of responsibility.  Somewhat self-
imposed – divorced, retired, live in the
sticks – somewhat naturally imposed
by desiring less, by knowing time is
no commodity, that interest and ability
are to be honed to that edge where they
become the Sword of Solomon cutting
truth from lie without a single blow.
The exploration more intense, less
outward conquering, more inner
revelation being seen as the thing itself,
caught in an afterglow.
Not all my age are like this; -- no judgment,
I do not proclaim it is the way for all
only as an autobiographical fact
do I praise what I have come to know
because it’s mine to know – so glad
I’ve learned this before I can’t.